Light-Weight Decking…with Bentley Beams

Build a deck in no time! With Bentley Beams propping a deck has become a thing of the past. Speed and ease is the way of the future..

A new slab system which does not require any scaffolding or formwork has been invented.

Based on an ingenious concrete beam technology, the new slab system is not only very light weight but is easy and quick to install. An added major benefit is that the slab system is environmentally friendly(green). Services can readily be passed through the slab system in all directions.

I am texThe deck frame structure is built with Bentley Beams, that can span up to 8m without propping. Voids between the concrete ribs are filled with specialised cardboard fillers, or polestyrene. At a 6m span, 1000KG was loaded with no deflection.

Benefits of Bentley Beams

  • Clean, fast installation
  • Saves time! Gain up to 4 weeks construction time.
  • Almost no shrinkage.
  • Deflection – on a 6 x 6m deck loaded with 3800kg, after one week of curing, the deflection was only 15mm.
  • Temperature insulation
  • Sound insulation.
  • Versatile.