Light Gauge Steel LGS Builders Cape Town

Residential Light Gauge Steel House Builders

  • Newly build houses & larger additions
  • Loft rooms (Room In a Roof) Conversions
  • Rooftop Penthouse Conversions/Additions
  • 2nd Floor additions on single story dwellings
  • Granny flats (Garden Apartments)

Commercial Light Gauge Steel Buildings

  • Large warehouses with ‘column free’ roof span (up to 23 m with self-supporting steel trusses)
  • Large retail developments capabilities as above
  • Interior remodeling for warehouses and factories
  • Office and Residential Development Projects
  • Special Projects: Site Offices, Laboratories, Mine Camps
  • Projects requiring soundproofing and high insulation capabilities (Film studios)

Industrial Light Gauge Steel Buildings

  • Factories
  • Plants
  • Shipyards
  • Mills
  • Towers