Design Options

Convert any building plans to light gauge steel building designs!

This is done by specialised software programs developed for the purpose.

LGS offers great design freedom because of its strength-to-weight ratio. Design elements, such as cantilevers of up to 24m that were difficult to achieve in traditional building, now becomes standard.

Designs are precise and cover all features to be included in the building, such as conduits for plumbing, electrical wiring and more.

Each gauge steel is individually manufactured for a specific building plan.

When you consider building with Rolec, whether it is Light Gauge Steel or traditional building, we need some detailed information from you, such as:
  • Do you have building plans?
  • If yes, are they approved? Is the approval still up to date?
  • Do you have an architect?
  • If not – what do you have? An idea? A sketch? Pictures?
  • Do you want to build with LGS, or traditional brick and mortar?
  • Is it a new development, new build, or alteration to an existing building?
  • When would you like to build?
  • Do you have a spec list?
  • Do you have a terrain plan? What is the terrain like, i.e topography and slope, surface (rocky, sandy etc)? Please supply as much detail as possible.
  • Are there water and electricity connections?
  • If it is a new build, do you have a transferring attorney?
  • Do you need turn-key services from Rolec, covering your construction from the planning phase, right through to handing you the key?

What we can build for the customer to help with interior design.

A bed Fold up solutions, Sliding or lifting, we can save you space!

We also help with the interior decorating for your home