About Rolec Construction

Rolec Construction Cape Town South Africa builds traditional and innovative new light gauge steel buildings, standard brick homes and mortar houses or any other building that you desire !

“Rolec Construction build using conventional brick & mortar standards or the innovative Light Steel Frame construction, so popular in New Zealand / Australia and in wood in the USA. This tried and tested building method is a new dimension in the SA context that makes this building method more attractive to both the architects and homeowners alike”

Rolec Construction fully intends to become the best alternative construction company in the Cape Town region using light gauge construction with the multiple benefits available to the property owner when using this structure as the basis from which to develop their property”

Our History

ROLEC specializes in LGS (Light Gauge Steel) construction and our expertise comes from 17 years of experience with this innovative building method.

LGS is widely used in Europe, Australia and other parts of the world and its benefits make it the building technology trend of the future. Our light gauge steel frames are manufactured locally, customized to your preferences and expertly assembled on site.

ROLEC works with skilled architects and contractors, and will take your building from the design phase right through to handing you the key to your completed building.

Why choose Us

We can build any type of building, residential as well as commercial and industrial. Click here to request more information. Rolec operates from Cape Town, but we can do construction anywhere in South Africa, and even further afield in Africa.

We currently offer package deals on budget housing, garden cottages, storage units, double garages, and braai rooms (very popular in our windy city).

We will find land, design and build your house or business premises to your specifications, take care of landscaping and gardens and provide you with complete interior design options! We are truly a one-stop shop for anyone who wants to create a home, expand or update your existing house, offices, gardens or interiors.

We have all the machinery, design options and technology to make your idea a reality. It is possible to build designs with unusual shapes, or in spaces where traditional building is not viable or possible. For example, we can build a penthouse on top of an existing building, because the weight is supported with steel framing. This is also an excellent option for balconies, cantilevers and sloping sites. You don’t have to limit your imagination when you build with light steel frame!

Our Team

Rolec Construction is a member of Renew International Holdings, founded by Rethea Newell, a Property Professional with over 30 years of experience in both the S.A. and global property sectors.

Rethea has worked as a Real Estate agent, owned her own successful Estate Agency in South Africa, been involved in brick & block making, Turnkey Project Management of upmarket remodeling and new build contracting, bespoke construction and interior design. She has experience in the Mauritian, UK and Irish property markets.

Rethea also owns PropVest Ltd (UK) and is in the process of establishing PropVest S.A. (PTY) LTD, a forum that will soon be offering S.A. “Buy 2 Let” Property Investors the options of investing in tax structured developments that will increase their personal wealth exponentially.

Coming Soon:

Rolec Productions and the reinstatement of Renew Realtors as well as Connoisseurs Bespoke Home Design Centre in the Cape Peninsula. Look for Rolec Brick & Block, Sand & Stone supplies and Rolec Plant Hire, launching January 2016!

This powerful combination that is in planning to establish by the end of 2016 will change the dynamic of the S.A. Property market as we know it today.

Rolec Construction as a RIH Member Company provides the consumer with the option of building new houses, shopping malls, warehousing, storage & industrial developments and we are entering the larger projects sector soon entertaining tender work for low cost housing, developments, schools and hospitals.

Rolec Construction Builders Cape Town Activities

  • Light Steel Frame Construction
  • Conventional Brick & Mortar Construction
  • Residential Housing Developments

“Your One Stop Turnkey Construction Specialists!”