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Rolec Construction Cape Town South Africa builds traditional and  innovative new steel metal frame buildings, standard brick homes and mortar houses or any other building that you desire !

Rolec Light Steel Frame building method are light weight steel frames that form the basic structure of the building. Best Builders Cape Town

Cladding is then used to cover the frame, giving you the choice of various beautiful options to complete the walls of your home or building. Wall frames, trusses and roof structures are made out of high strength thin-gauge galvanized steel sheeting that are designed and shaped to individual specifications for each building. The innovative technology of light steel frame is the building method of the future, that may eventually replace traditional methods because of all its' benefits.

The external wall frames are clad with bricks and plaster or durable fibre cement building planks or boards, while the internal lining can be clad like traditional brick and mortar, wooden board or any other finishing you prefer. Ceilings consist of gypsum board, as in traditional building.

Bricks of various colors, plaster, wood, stone, reinforced concrete, pebble-finish boards, architectural glass, sheet metal and simply paint have been used to cover the frame and complete the structure. Fiber insulation blankets are installed in the wall cavities and on top of ceilings to insulate the building against extreme weather conditions

This technique is now available in South Africa! Using this advanced light weight steel frame technology it is now possible to manufacture and build any house, warehouse, retail or commercial unit to exact standards in less time and with the same finishes as conventional brick & mortar shells, or other cladding options.

Why should you build with Light Steel Frame?

  • Exact and Precise: each light steel frame structure is designed and manufactured for a specific, individual building, with exact measurements and attention to detail.
  • Strong and durable.  Walls don't crack because there is no settling, bending and swelling as with wooden frames.
  • Design freedom; shapes and styles that were previously difficult or impossible to build, now become standard features. This enables us to build structures with creative roof and wall angles, unsupported balconies, penthouses on top of older buildings, any kind of structure on sloping sites, and element overhanging cliffs, rocks etc.
Interesting and creative shapes and angles are possible with light steel frame building.

Interesting and creative shapes and angles are possible with light steel frame building.

  • Fire-proof and safe.  The frame structure in traditional building is normally made of timber, which feeds fires in case of accidents, which makes light steel frame a much safer option.
  • Due to the excellent weight to strength ratio it is possible to build cantilevers, patios, balconies etc. without the usual support columns or pillars.
  • Quick and easy to erect.  Each structure is planned and manufactured in our factory, transported to the site and expertly assembled within a short time period.
  • Can be up to 15% cheaper than traditional building methods.
  • You save on labor costs, because you save time.   A building built with light steel frame can in many circumstances be built in just 50% of the time it would take with traditional building methods.  Other site work, such as landscaping can also continue while building continues, which also saves time.
  • Excellent thermal properties!  Insulation within the walls of your building will make it easier to control hot or cold temperatures, and save up to 20% on your electricity bill. This was tested and confirmed by the CSIR.


Insulation blankets within light steel frame walls.

Insulation blankets within light steel frame walls.

Contact us today for a turn-key solution to all your building and renovation requirements, and for more info about light steel frame construction.